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A new way to start your morning

Matilda is the most ambitious application of mindful technology today. With our Bathroom Smart Mirror, say goodbye to your cluttered morning routine. Matilda will bring you all the relevant information you need to start your day and will become the central hub of your increasingly connected home.


Leave your phone on the charger, I have you covered.

I offer only the most relevant information to you, so you can seamlessly seize the day. Whether you need extra help in the morning, or want to make your nighttime routine about more than just removing that waterproof mascara that won’t budge, I’m designed just for you.



Need a little pick-me-up? Tell me what you like most, and I’ll set the mood with playlist of music videos from your fave artists.



I’ll keep you updated on the outlook of your schedule, so you‘ll never wonder what your day will bring (or what to wear in case you run into you know who…)



Want to know the latest news, we’ll give you something to talk about when going to cocktails with co-workers.



Count on me to show you real-time weather status from the moment you look in the mirror, so you’re dressed for whatever the forecast holds.