The Shopping Fairies are busy creating your perfect In-home Virtual Store.

Matilda turns your home into your personalized store of the future. With Virtual try-ons, you can try on without actually physically taking off any garment.

Personal Styling Virtually! Once you fill out the style profile below with your style, your size and price preferences, we will build you the perfect Matilda Smart Mirror just for you.

We believe in high-touch customer service and read every single form to make sure you are getting what you need to feeling your best for the day. Whether you prefer to shop in SOHO or on Madison Avenue, we bring you the stores directly to the comforts of your home. No more waiting in line or running multiple errands! Now it’s shopping made easy.

We will hold your spot in line, the first to fill-out will have the first chance to purchase Matilda Smart Mirror.

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