Using the Product

Q] Is any kind of assembly needed?

A] No. Simply plug Matilda in and she’s ready to go. (Input setup vid here)

Q] Can Matilda connect with an iOS or Android mobile device?

A] Not at this time. For recommendations on smartphones that sync with Matilda, signup for our email and follow us on social

Q] Do I need to charge Matilda Mirror? How?

A] Matilda isn’t battery operated. Simply plug Matilda into a standard outlet and you’re all set.

Q] Can I use the Internet/social media through Matilda Mirror?

A] Yes, you will have the choice to integrate and follow your own Twitter account.  Contact us via Facebook Messenger if you have any additional questions and be the first to know about updated features through our newsletter


Q] What size of Matilda Mirror do you sell?

A] The mirror measures 2.4 inches thick; 15.35 inches wide; 26.77 inches long

Q] What kind of hardware do you use for Matilda?

A] Motion Sensor

Windows operating system

700 CD LCD infused touchscreen

Speaker 8R10W*2


Q] What is the weight of the Matilda Mirror?

A] The residential unit weighs approximately 20 pounds.

Q] What camera is built in the Matilda Mirror?

A] We’ll let you know soon. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about the camera specs and other exciting features.

Q] Can I use social media through Matilda?

A] Yes. Twitter is already integrated into Matilda, with your other must-haves like Instagram and more coming soon. Sign up for our newsletter on *Link*


Q] Will Matilda have a voice command option?

A] Yes, we are developing voice command options.





Q] How do I reset the mirror?

A] Simply turn it off, and switch it back on.

Q] Is there a way to change wifi network?

A] Yes. The settings are located in the top left corner.


Shipping, Warranty and Returns


Q] How long will it take to receive the product?

A] 12-18 weeks.


Q] Can I rent a mirror instead of purchasing one?
A] No.


Q] Does the mirror come with a warranty?
A] Yes, Matilda comes with one-year warranty.


Q] How much does shipping cost?

A] Shipping is free.

Q] What is the return policy?

A] We have a 7-day return policy.  Email us and we can better assist you.


Q] Do you sell the Matilda Mirror outside of the US?
A] At this time, Matilda is only available for sale in the US.




Q] Can I customize the mirror’s aesthetic?

A] Yes! To chat about your details, contact us via *email*


Q] Are there any accessories available for this product?

A] Possibly in the future. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know.


Q] How can I buy the Matilda Mirror?

A] You can order a Matilda Mirror here.